Seeing Brazil


I love football. And as you will see in some of my blogs, I am a fan of the Netherlands football team. I even once watched a World Cup final. This is due to the loving contribution of the members of my family and their support for my blogs and travel. Next to the Netherlands, my favorite team is Brazil. From the time Pele stepped on the field to the day Ronaldo danced his way to the goal, I never looked back and supported them all the way.

Because of this, I told my friends that I want to go to Brazil. But it was just a joke. Lo and behold, not only did they fund my Amsterdam city trips and dinner cruises in Amsterdam, but they also found the time and effort to give me and my team enough budget to go to Brazil. So, right now, I am here! Viva Brazil!


Brief Background

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is the fifth largest in the world in terms of land area. The language here is mainly Portuguese. Although I do not know how to speak their language, it is still fairly easy to communicate with the Brazilians.

Amazon River

riverI have always said to myself that before I die, I should have at least ridden a boat on the Amazon River. I can still remember the times that I watched the Discovery Channel and wanting to explore the Amazon River as the famed Lara Croft. Although I am half the woman as Lara Croft is, I can still say that I enjoyed my time at the Amazon River.

My team stayed at the Ariau Towers. It is one of the oldest boutiques near the river. You can see and take pictures of the six towers with more than 250 rooms available.


It is not just a song but a live beach that is located at the Rio de Janeiro. Some of the folks that I talked to said that I should go back to Copacabana and watch the fireworks here that lasts up to twenty minutes long. Bask under the sun as you explore the 2-mile beach.