Our Exotic African Safari Adventure


We promised that we will bring you exotic travels, so we followed the footsteps of Indiana Jones. Not exactly as wild as his adventure story, but we had a close encounter of how it feels like. It was a nerve-wracking experience that we’ll never forget our entire life. We’ve been to many travel sites, but this African Safari adventure is a keeper.

What To Expect

If you are a type of person who hates the jungle, this is the last place you should ever visit. Here, you’ll meet the big five: Buffalos, Lions, African Elephants, Leopards, and Rhinoceros. You’ll be meeting a lot of animal species including insects. It’s like watching the Discovery Channel, but this time, you are the narrator. Expect high temperature during your tour. You will feel discomfort here and there, but it’s all part of the fun. This experience is worth trying at least once in your life. You’ll genuinely realize how beautiful nature is and how amazing the creatures thriving in its care.

How Much Does It Cost?

monkeyFor starters, Safari Tour could be expensive. But there are options available for travelers with a low budget. Your expenditures will vary depending on your preference of course. You can spend as much as $1000 per night or as little as $150 for a hotel like the cheap hotels in Amsterdam near airport. Traveling with an experienced tour guide is another expense you should consider, which is why traveling with a group is cheaper compared to traveling alone.

Our Takeaways from This Experience

Seeing the wildlife in its living colors is worth every penny we spent on this trip. The heat is quite difficult to ignore for foreigners like us. Our tour guide made sure we were hydrated throughout the trip, which made the heat tolerable. Once the heat of the sun settled down, we found ourselves at awe on how the rustic colors paint the sky. It was amazing, it was breathtaking. The sound of the wildlife is like hearing nature sing, just like how an orchestra magically brings music to sights in Amsterdam city. This trip brought us to several realizations about life. We are all part of the big chain, and we are all connected.

Will We Do This Again?

If we are going to redo this whole trip, we will plan it more effectively to save on some cost. But yes, we will do this again. We will bring more friends, so they too can experience the wildlife for what it is. A safari experience is highly recommended for travelers who don’t mind the dangers of this trip might entail. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you can only get here.