What is your website all about?

This website is all about my video journal about my travel in different exotic countries around the world. You will find numerous photos, images, and edited videos about my journey from one country to another as I document my experiences with every place that I go to. You will have fun reading my blogs and watching my videos.

Why do you travel?

I believe that life should be lived in a way that you want it to be. We cannot merely be existing in this world. You have to aim for the stars and hope that you hit all of them. My version of star is traveling from one exotic country to another. I started on an Amsterdam holiday and went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. From then on, I vowed to spend the rest of my life traveling every part of the world that I wish to explore.

How do you finance your travel?

I use my blogs and my videos to mainly finance my travel. I also do freelance jobs online so that I can earn my keep. Sometimes, I work during my stay in the cities and towns that I stay in. It is not about the career that I have but it is about the place where my money goes.

Do you have a family?

Currently, I do not have a family. But I do have plans to start one someday. Right now, I am enjoying my life of singlehood hoping that the man of my dreams will also go with me to travel and enjoy the goodness and beauty that life has to offer.

Where is your country of origin?

I am from the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to be exact. I started exploring the different tourist spots here in our country before I set foot on other places overseas. Once I finish traveling around the exotic countries around the world, my eyes will be set on my home country.

How can I view your daily travel?

You can always go to my website and view my daily escapades on the current country that I am in. You can watch my videos here on my website or on YouTube where I upload most of my videos.