Going to the Caribbean


You may think of pirates or sailors or even Sinbad. But one thing is for sure. The Caribbean is one of the most breathtaking beaches that I have seen my entire life. For those who are looking for a vacation or a wedding destination, you should seriously consider the Caribbean to be your spot because you will just fall on your knees and be in love of the whole place. Much as I would love to be wedded in front of a boat rental in Amsterdam and have my husband be in an Amsterdam Heineken experience, the Caribbean is also one of the places that I am also considering to be married.

The Caribbean

tropicAside from the romance and the captured scenery of the Caribbean, this region is composed of 700 islands. It is near the Bahamas, another great location in terms of mesmerizing beauty and charm. The whole island is situated on the Caribbean Sea. It has a lot of biodiversity being in such an environment conserving island. You will see more than five hundred species of fish. If you love scuba diving, you will be a witness to the coral reefs near the island.

What To Do


Dunn’s River Falls

You should include in your itinerary a visit to the Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica. This is just a wonder of nature. Of course, you went to the Caribbean to enjoy the saltwater. But you should also go to the falls because it is one of the best tourist attractions available here. Since the place is very well known by tourists, it can get pretty crowded throughout the year. But the beauty of this body of water is worth all the effort.

Waitukubuli National Trail

If you love adventure and you are into exciting activities, you can pursue a 115-mile hike at the Waitukubuli National Trail. It is located at the Dominica. The good thing with the trail is that it is split into fourteen sections. You do not have to hike the whole trail. You can stop at the length that you prefer depending on how adventurous and how strong your legs can carry you around.