Exploring the Bahamas

Just coming from our Amsterdam dinner cruise, my team went to the Bahamas and we scheduled our trip in that fabulous island for two weeks. In that island, we were able to experience the culture behind the Bahamians. We were able to see the beauty of the beaches and the attraction of the sunrise and the sunset. The uniqueness of this awesome island is only comparable to my native country. It is a different kind of Amsterdam holiday in the Bahamas.


cocktailThe official name of this island is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is a country in the Lucayan archipelago. The island was formerly inhabited by the Lucayans for many centuries. It was discovered and placed in the map by Christopher Columbus when they sailed the seas in 1492. The islets of the Bahamas is situated at the Atlantic Ocean. If you have time, you should go and visit the Bahamas because this place is just so lovely. I just fell deeply in love for the Bahamas.

What To Do

bahamasBecause the Bahamas is essentially little portions of land that is surrounded by water, you can expect most of your activities to be water-based. You can go on diving, boating, snorkeling, and fishing, just to name a few. Explore the ocean and the marine life deep in the ocean as you plan your vacation with these activities.

Aside from these activities, you can also explore the skies as you witness the bluish waters of the Atlantic Ocean as you go on private flying. You will find an available airport at the Bahamas. Bring your airplane with you as you see the clouds and watch the birds fly and bathe on the sunlight. Bird watching is one of the popular hobbies of the tourists that go here. You can even find shops that sell accessories for looking and discovering new types and kinds of birds.

Go and browse my photo gallery to see the beauty of the Bahamas. I am not sure how this type of beauty can be captured on a photo. I would suggest that you also go here and see the awesomeness of the islands.