Exploring Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the countries that I really want to visit. It is actually a check off my bucket list. I have been hearing a lot of the experiences of some of my friends in Costa Rica. Although Costa Rica is a little too far away from home, it was still a dream of mine to visit this majestic country. As I enjoy my Amsterdam top sightseeing and spending my time on an Amsterdam bike rental, it was a call from a friend that confirmed my trip to Costa Rica.

Rich Coast

frogCosta Rica is literally translated as the Rich Coast. It is a sovereign state of Central America. It is situated right at the heart of the Americas. Nicaragua is found north of the country and Ecuador can be found on the south. The Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean surrounds this amazing country.

You would be surprised that Costa Rica is closer to home than you think. The people of Costa Rica are very proud of their democracy. You can even find people who are very fluent in speaking English. It is great to know that even if you go to other places that is near your country, you will still find someone whom you can converse and have fun with.

Nicoya Peninsula

If you love long shorelines, you have to visit Costa Rica. Feel the peace and tranquility that the sunset brings by sitting at the beach and thinking about how fortunate you are for being on that very spot on the day that you are in Nicoya Peninsula. Not only would you experience the 80-mile coastline but you will also see the wondrous forests that are near the area. You will also find lots of things to do here. You can go fishing and catch the food that you will eat. You can go cattle ranching and see if you are loved by animals from Costa Rica.

costa rica

Corcovado National Park

For those who love seeing wildlife, Corcovado National Park is the best place to go. See the monkeys, spiders, jaguars, and macaws that are right at your very doorstep. Explore the sights as you see the awesomeness of the animals and insects that are present in the area.

The Town of Santa Teresa

A special place for hippies and backpackers who are looking for the ultimate serenity. This place is all about finding peace, travelodge destinations, and multi-dimensional balance. It is perfect for stressed-out minds. The overall atmosphere is laid back, focusing on the basics of life that we tend to ignore. Here, you’ll be drawn close to nature, and appreciate the kindness of the people around you. No fancy parties, prominent shopping malls, nor exclusive golf clubs, just simple pleasures of life. Most tourists stay here for weeks and even months. They come in stressed, and walk out as if they were reborn.

Best Outdoor Activities in Costa Rica.

• Private Manuel Antonio Park Nature Guided Tour.

Be amazed by the diversity of wildlife nature in the small private group of Manuel Antonio National Park with a naturalist guide who will walk you through to answer all your questions about plants, wildlife, and animal species.

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• A day at Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna Waterfall, and Hotsprings.

Hiking along tropical forest paradise start from La Fortuna Waterfall and enjoy traditional local lunch and end the route soaking yourself in the river at Arenal Volcano. One of the stunning scenic views captures the beautiful nature and is shared on social to get MaxVisits of likes on your Instagram without using the Etsygeeks SEO service.