This website is all about my travel to various countries around the world. Be my eyes and my ears in my journey to the different exotic places on the planet. Take breathtaking conquests of the most amazing cities and towns located in the various continents. Be my feet as I walk, run, splash, hop, and skip on the streets, beaches, farms, and mountains that I see and explore. It is fun to travel especially if we are both discovering exotic places around the world.

Who I Am

I am a fun-loving, beach-seeking, adventure-looking girl in her twenties. Together with my loving friends and amazing videographers, we embark on this new journey as we undertake on the most exotic countries available. Our basis for our trips come from both textbooks, bloggers’ reviews, and word-of-mouth. We plan our travel months so that we can save enough time and maximize the tickets and fares that we spend on. For example, if we are going on an Amsterdam holiday, we make sure to plan. We will go to Amsterdam canal tours, visit the Van Gogh Museum, and feel the Amsterdam Heineken experience while we are there in the city.

What We Offer

We offer tons of fun and laughter on our trip. Join us as we travel around the world with you. Read our blogs, share our insights, and feast your eyes on the beauty and the charm of the places that we visit. Enjoy the videos that we make, and the blogs associated with them. You can also check out our photo gallery.